My Live In Relationship Life With My Daughter Dr. Ritu

Hi Everyone, this is my first and real life story . I am Ritik, I am 46 Years old man .I belong to Lucknow and presently settled in Noida for a long time . I am around 6 Feet tall, having very fit muscular built body with broad chest, shoulders and thick arms . My skin is fair and I have bagi moustache . People say me that I look atleast 16 years younger than my real age . I really look very much younger than my age because of my regular anti ageing Yoga and excercise . . Indeed my age looks between 28 to 30 years.

My modern taboo family consists only two members me and my ultra modem sex goddess, my super sexy darling daughter Ritu . My hot Voluptuous Beti (daughter) Ritu is 26 years old with caucasian (white) skin, long silky blonde hair and blue eyes . She is 5 feet 5 in tall, her weight is 60 Kg (150 lbs or pounds) and her God gifted vital stated are 34 30 36 . She has D cup size milky white melons with pointed nipples and dark brown areolas She hs 4 tattoos on her thigh, pelvic, bellybutton and boobs . She looks like American Porn Star Ms. Alyx Star .

My wife Niharika passed away during My daughter Ritu’s birth due to operation and medical complications . I Anyhow raised my infant babygirl Ritu with the help of My one girlfriend who is my 2yers elder step sister ( my Mother’s first husband’s daughter ) divorced Charu
Didi .

Charu Didi nurtured and took care of my small daughter for three years . After that Charu Didi gave me my daughter after getting engaged in romantic relationship with her own and My biological ( biologically fathered by Me) grown up 21 years old son Rakshit . She returned my daughter and told me that she was not feeling well because of unexpected pregnancy and abortion of our Son Rakshit’s child . ( I will tell you in next part of story that how Rakshit is My biological Son ? ).

After three years I started Nurturing and taking care of my daughter Ritu alone . I became her Mother . After 5 years Ritu started going to school . Every morning I drop her to school van and receive her from school van in the afternoon . Gradually Ritu completed her junior schooling and reached in 9th class when she was 13 years old .

Till 13 years, every morning I used to give bath and shower to Ritu with me . Everyday I shampoo her hairs and soaped her body in bathroom from my own hands . I wipe her body from towel and wore her cloths from my own hands . But when she got addmission in 9th class I said her to take shower herself alone and come out from bathroom after wearing her cloths .

Everyday although she used to take shower alone in bathroom but always she came out from bathroom carelessly without wearing any cloths and use to bring her cloths from wardrobe and wear infront or around me . I never became much Strict for her because I knew that she had lost her mother on her birthday. I always behaved with her like a most soft Mother.

But one day I asked her to Atleast wear bra and panty before coming out from bathroom . Till that time she had learnt wearing bra panty from her school classmate girls . She asked me to buy bra and panty for her . I gave her more than sufficient money (50K) and she bought different different many bras and panties for her .

But often she forget to take her bra – panty towel in bathroom . And always she use to call me loudly from inside the bathroom to bring her bra panty and towel from wardrobes . If I asked her that which one, which colour bra panty I bring for You ? . She always use to say that bring anyone of them of your own choice ” My Dear Sweet Daddy ” .

After that she started coming out from bathroom in bra panty and go to her room for being dressed up .

Always she asked me for suggestions that ” Daddy which cloth I wear today ? ” . I had bought a lots lots of cloths for her like mini, tank top, babydoll, skater skirts, midi, off shoulders, shift, bodycon, A-line, wrap, halter, high – low, sheath, peplum, pencil, shirt, slip, smock, mermaid silhouette, t-shirts, tea length, cocktail, denim, pinafore, bardot, tube, strapless, bandage, Princess silhouette etc etc many many dresses .

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