My virgin friend ask me to fuck her.

Hello everyone. My name is Bhanu Prakash. I am from Hyderabad. My age is 26. My height is 5.9 feet. Color is brown. My cock is 7 inches.

This story is about my classment, her name is Pooja (name changed). We both are same age. Her height is 5.5 feet. This incident took place, when both were in college days. We are good friends since childhood. So we know each other well. We can spend more time together at each other’s homes. Sometimes I slept in her house and she used to sleep in mine. At that time, we have no sexual feelings. We are best friends.

one dayPoojita came to my house to take me to Poojita’s house. She asked my mom to send me to her house because her parents are going to their hometown which is 400 km away, they will stay for 3 days. She is not going to her hometown because we have to study for the upcoming exams. My mother agreed.

Then I and Poojita left for her house,
Poojita: I want to tell you something.
Me: I asked what.
Poojita: I tried to tell you that many times. I couldn’t.(I love you Ra).
Me: What
Poojita: I love you babu.She hugged me.
I was very shocked and stopped my bike on the road.
Me: What are you talking about?, I said crazy. Suddenly tears fell from her eyes. Her breasts hit my crotch and I felt like a shock monkey.
Me: After going to your house, I thought we could talk about it.
Poojita: Ok come on.
We areReached her house in 5 minutes, we on sofaWe sat down. I didn’t say anything, I took my book and opened the book. When we entered her house,
Poojita: Sit on sofa, I’ll get us drinks.
Me: Ok

Two minutes later, she came with two glasses of chocolate milkshake, handing me the glasses and drinking them. She came and sat next to me and we both sat in silence, finishing our milkshakes and placing our glass on the table. He saw me in a lot of tension.
Poojita: I love you Ra. I have been trying to tell you for a long time. But I’m afraid of what you think.

Me: What are you talking about Pooji. I don’t know what to say now. You are my brother but I see you as my best friend. You suddenly say love.
Suddenly tears flowed from her eyes, she was crying.

I saw those tears, I felt very sad. I wiped her tears and told her that I too love her for many days but chappal no what do you think.You gave me a big shock. The mind is completely blacked out. I love you too ra Pooji.
Immediately, she heard I love you too from my mouth. She started kissing my face and my lips. I was completely shocked by her behavior.

I was trying to stop her, but she didn’t stop kissing me. I surrendered to her. We kissed for 15 minutes. I am in full mood. I pushed her to the other side of the couch. Jump on her and I kiss her face, lips and neck.

I give her small love bites on her neck.
Poojita: Hmm Hmm Aba Hmm….

She pissed me and removed my t-short, gave me a kiss on my chest. Tana raised both hands, I understood. Tana t-shirt vp pakana padasa. It was the first time I saw him like that. He pressed her hips with a kiss between her lips.
Poojita: Hmmm hmm.
Tanu bra is sitting. Push her bood from the top of the bra.For the first time, the boobs felt like a sponge. She looks at her boobs and closes her eyes and enjoys it. I pulled myself off the couch and pulled my tooth. Seeing me looking like that, he also pulled his punt and hissed. First seeing him in his underwear. She suddenly touched my confidence with her hand. I got a body shock. Super feeling.

Poojita: Wow Andi. This is very funny. Come on Andi.

Suddenly your underwear was pulled down. His face is my confidence. At the time he pulled my underwear downA 7 inch cock timg mani hit his nose. Suddenly my self-confidence hit her nose and she shouted that she is aba. Taruvatha looks big on my confidence. WOW. He takes my confidence with your hand and swings it up and down. Super strong for me.
I masturbate every day but this is my first time with a girl.So, I’m enjoying it. He slowly lick my cock hard in his mouth. A feeling does not spread me in my words, so that for 5 minutes I do not spread it, it does not come out sweetly. He took me in his mouth. She enjoyed the tea and drank it.

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