Sex with English teacher

Hello guys this is my first story pardon me for mistakes , story start with my introduction, I am Mithun from Vishakhapatnam 18 year old athletic boy studying in class 12. Heroine of story is My English teacher sexy 27 year old with stats 38-26-36.

In school she used to wear suits but one Saturday morning I went to a park for jogging to my surprise she was already there in a sports bra and shorts she saw me and waved to me as she was friendly in nature after some conversation we agreed working out together.

We started with a warm up , when she started doing jumping jacks her melons were bouncing like hell and were fighting to come out , when she bent to touch her feet her curvy ass was on a display, I started getting sexual attraction towards her now, we decided to jog together all the time I was looking towards her flesh bouncing like hell suddenly she stopped holding her back actually she got cramp in back so we decided to rest, she couldn’t walk properly and asked me a favour to drop her to her home a street away. I hold her like a baby her bust were crushing over my chest and my hands on her fluffy ass.

She was living alone , when I dropped her she said thank you and asked if I could massage her I said ok , now she was lying over her bed and I was massaging her , her bra strap was irritating me so she asked if I want it to be removed I was surprised with her saying that and replied as you wish , she turned back and removed her bra now she was topless lying on bed , I could see her side breasts.

She said you are a good massager I replied with a thank you, I had a devil idea to seduce her so I decided to go sidewards and touch her breasts with my fingers she moaned at my action suddenly she asked me to stop I was terrified but she offered me coffee which I can’t deny. She wake up with her face towards me and I was on cloud 9 seeing those pink breasts with light brown areolas.

She said oops I forgot about my clothing but didn’t cover herself she said now that you have seen everything why should I cover myself in this scorching heat , you can also be comfortable (she meant that I could also remove my t shirt) I did as she said now we were both topless and my teacher was in front of me just in shorts barely covering her tight big ass. She asked me to come in kitchen so that I can help her getting sugar at top , she could not reach there due to her back cramps , in this process my dick poked into her ass and for my support I touched her shoulder to which she react positively saying nothing .

We were both sitting in front of each other having coffee with me gazing at her breasts she came up with the idea to play game of truth and dare .

First truth was on me she asked if I have any girlfriend I said no next truth was on her and I asked her if she has kissed anyone she said yes , to a boy in her college days . Next date was on me she asked me to remove my layer and be nude I was hesitant for a minute but later did what she said , my wood was on a rise of 7.5 inches seeing her , she was surprised and blushed on next truth of her I asked her how my dick was , she said it is big enough to satisfy anyone

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